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Moon River Antioxidant Rich > New! Blue Moon Aroma Oil (8 oz or 4 oz)
New! Blue Moon Aroma Oil (8 oz or 4 oz)

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This oil was formulated for our teen son Julian as we worked on this aroma together. He chose Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil along with a handful of his favorite pure essential oils. The aroma is earthy and grounding with top citrus notes. We decided to name it Blue Moon as a nod to his Native American genes. We suggest applying the body oil just after getting out the shower while skin is still damp. Sunflower is an excellent base oil as it is does not clog the pores making this great for all skin types including teens or acne prone skin will do well with this oil. In addition we have added olive squalane, avocado and jojoba oil to balance and nourish the skin. 

ingredients: sunflower oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive squalane oil, proprietary blend of pure essential oils, non-GMO vitamin E natural