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Carotene Intensive Eye Creme Wrinkle Reducer
If this product is going to a hot climate or shipped during hot weather conditions, you may experience separation of the oils. Simply open this creme, stir and replace lid. Let creme sit to resolve any separation or viscosity issues. Summer – Place in an air conditioned or cool environment. Winter – Place in a room temperature environment. Keep at room temperature (68° – 75° F) Protect your products from moisture, extreme temperatures, and direct UV light. We do not use any synthetic thickeners, emulsifiers and for this reason do not except refunds or exchanges on this item through mail order. We recommend in store purchase of this product during hot weather conditions. *
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Purchase of this product to hot climates or during summer months will include a cool pack, if separation of oils occurs due to heat you will need to simply stir the creme as described in comment box. 

Elisabella Carotene Intensive Eye Creme Anti Wrinkle Treatment
truly aids in skin regeneration by rejuvenating and smoothing the delicate eye skin, assisting with cell growth. 100% pure Carrot Seed Oil, rich in vitamin A and Beta-Carotene helps reduce wrinkles and age spots while giving your skin a more youthful complexion due to its formative action on epidermal cells. Carotene Intensive Eye creme will revitalize, nourish, and increase elasticity in your skin. Made for the delicate eye area, but you may want to use it all over your face! Paraben free, 1 oz. 

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