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Moon River Omega Rich Olive Oil Soap           Est. 2009
339 East Street Rochester Michigan



Moon River property at 339 East Street is for sale $520,000. Details regarding the square footage of the rebuild and how many floors available through by 

contacting Jeff Whitbey 248-327-4555.


November update:

Hello Moon Friends,

  Missing everyone and we sincerely hope you are doing well.

Regarding our business and building, we have changed our plan several times since the fire happened and we are just now realizing the path we may have to take. We did have replacement value insurance on the building, however it is not enough to rebuild. We have received only partial inventory money. We have not received any money yet from the third floor personal policy. We have business interruption money that is currently behind and there is no information as to when they plan to cut the next check. With all of these obstacle's in the way we are finally absorbing the fact we may need to sell the property and possibly open at a different location. The property taxes and many ongoing business expenses remain even though we have no income from sales. We cannot move forward until we have all of the settlements due to us. While we expect everything will eventually move forward, we are told this process can take up to two years. We are not asking for money or a Go Fund Me as we think eventually this should pan out. In the mean time, we continue to receive so many supportive emails and we really appreciate all the kind words. We have over 4000 on our newsletter list and we are really thankful for our True Moon Friends. 

   At this point it may be a possibility next year to reopen with a smaller line of products at a different location - but this all depends on many factors. I especially hope to make my Glow line along with many other top sellers. We have no equipment, supplies, boxes, labels, tins so I really don't know how far I will get. Labels, labels, labels are a huge problem as you have heard me whine about too many times I'm sure. All labels are destroyed in the fire. Bottles and tins, I know this sounds like a broken recording, but the variables remain the same and the resources are not here yet.


In the last few years we had made some major strides with growing our business and we were fortunate to have only one single down month during the entire pandemic. We were definitely on the upswing and our plan as I have previously explained was to one day sell Moon River Soap Company when Carlos reached his mid to late sixties. Our established soap and skin care business would be sold and handed off complete with national accounts, our logos, branding, recipes, trade marks, equipment, trade secrets, etc. We were hoping to find just the right person to match with our loyal Moon Friends.


We end up going circles on almost any day, we have changed plans many times and we will be able to move forward once we have received all settlements.


We have faith in God and we trust His plan. We feel safe in our church and community. We miss our Moon Friends and we wish you a warm winter.




Made fresh Daily Downtown Rochester, Moon River in house formulations of Olive Oil Soaps, Botanical Body Oils, Premium Serums, Emollients, Balms, Beeswax Lip Balms, Dead Sea Salts, Mango Butter Lotion Sticks, Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs and more are formulated by owner Elizabeth Aprea. Moon River complete line of skin loving products include Glow Premium, Vita Rich Premium, Mr. Wonderful, Miracle Moon and Moon Baby products. We have made it super easy to find all of your skin care needs in one place by making this a fragrance free zone with natural products containing essential oils and no synthetic fragrance! 

Each hand poured bar of Moon River Soap is made with omega rich olive oil, nurturing botanical oils, and certified 100% pure essential oils. The benefits of olive oil include super antioxidants vitamin E and beta carotene that can stimulate cell regeneration and nourish the skin to leave a healthy glow. Additional unique antioxidants found only in Olive Oil are known to be anti-inflammatory and can be healthful and replenishing to the most dry and sensitive skin. Moon River Omega Rich Olive Oil Soap allows the skin to breathe and can help to balance troubled acne prone skin. Although we can make no medicinal claims, those who sufferer from dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, as well as those with weakened immune systems have told us they have found relief in our gentle non-GMO soap. We never use petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic fragrance or phthalates.

Enjoy our pure soap for healthy skin! 

*Orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories will be charged additional postage. Sorry, We Do Not Ship Internationally. 


Regarding gift messages,  we will be happy to include a gift card with your brief message. Please write in the comment box next to any product as you add the item to the cart. Please include only one message per gift recipient. There is no additional comment box after you check out. Gifts will include tissue paper wrap for shipped orders, or tissue flower gift bag for in store pick up orders. If you would like to pick up this order (2 hours lead time) you will still need to fill in the shipping address even though the order will not ship. Thank You!




Moon River soap, salts, balms, oils and scrubs are formulated and made downtown Rochester, Michigan. Every batch is hand poured and made daily. We are proud to use Non-GMO, organic and natural botanicals. Although Moon River can make no medicinal claims, many of our customers tell us they have improved their troubled skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Moon River Soap Company 339 East Street, Rochester Michigan

 email moonriversoap@gmail.com