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Medicinal Qualities
Essential Oils


     Essential Oils are extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, leaves, roots, and trees. These concentrated liquids are indispensable to medicine, food, and skincare. These oils provide a system of medicine which is in total biochemical harmony with the human body. Their delivery system is so effective that chemical drugs are made to look crude by comparison.  Their cell rejuvenation properties are exceptional while the aromas have mood enhancing qualities. If anything in this world is holistic it is essential oils. Below are just a fraction of the healing properties contained in these essential oils.

Lavender: A natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, sedative, and detoxifier. It promotes healing and stimulates the immune system so wounds regenerate more quickly.  Truly indispensable.

Tea Tree: Strong antiseptic, antiviral, anti fungal  properties make Tea Tree extremely useful in a wide range of conditions and all sorts of infections. Useful in treating head aches, athletes foot, sunburn, acne, and much more. Today Tea Tree oil is the subject of a great deal of international research.

Rosemary: Both physical and mental stimulant, excellent for the treatment of all muscular conditions.  Sprains, arthritis, depression, fatigue, memory loss, head aches, coughs, flu, and many more. Invaluable for the gardener, sportsman, and cook.

Eucalyptus: Cools the body in the summer and protects it in the winter. Its antiseptic, antiviral properties have proved its effectiveness in coughs, colds,and  infections. Today eucalyptus is also used in veterinary care and and as insect repellent.

Citrus Oils: Lime, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit all contain different properties but share an uplifting fresh scent. The tonic action helps with the lymphatic system. These are antiseptic,  astringent, and mood lifting. 

Peppermint: Fresh, tingly, awakening, antiseptic, stimulating. Aids in inflammation, nausea, head aches, fevers, arthritis, and much more.