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Newsletter December 2023

Dec 8, 2023

Hello Moon Friends,
We recently tied up all things legal regarding the fire at 339 East Street and are not at liberty to discuss any legal issues.
I apologize for not responding to your emails over the past few months as I was in the process of waiting for everything to finalize. Our hands were tied regarding the business until legal things concluded and we are now trying to figure out the best path for Moon River.
We so miss each and every one of you. I really do just miss everyone and the little corner of East and Fourth, it was such a pleasure to make the balms, soaps in that special building. It was one of the highlights of of our life, truly. A few of you were able to stop by our house right after the fire and we will remember your kindness, sitting at our patio table and your words will be a highlight always, thank you for stopping over! So many people offered help, storage, etc. Our downtown neighbors were the absolute best......
Legal things take a while and there was no way to speed up the process of meetings, inspections, paperwork, inventory process, etc. A manufacturing business is not like buy and sell retail because we couldn't just restock. So much is involved over time regarding labels, containers, and equipment that took years to acquire and sometimes we ordered custom equipment or containers for product a year in advance believe it or not.
In the process of waiting for everything to tie up legally, we needed to sell our home, properties, etc. as we had to protect our 40 years of work, life savings etc. to provide for our minor children as we were advised this type of legal work can take years and we needed to make sure we proceeded properly.
We are so lucky to have Carlos's home country to fall back on and we were able to relocate. We bought a "fixer upper" house in his home country of Uruguay and we are currently in the middle of updating our new home. We are really happy to have the best crew ever of doing our new updating of plumbing, electrical, tile work and kitchen in our traditional 1940's Spanish style house "casa" in Uruguay, South America where Carlos was born and his family is from. We now have 2 countries to call home with many members still in the United States and this is just how the chips fall at this moment and we decided we will bravely move forward. We are truly thankful of our adventure and the new people we meet with in life's unknown journey. At this moment in time we have house full of construction and much of our things are either disorganized and dusty or located in storage.....I haven't had a working kitchen since April but it is moving forward and Lucy cant wait to bake again soon.
Regarding Moon River, we have not yet decided as to whether we will sell the company, recipes, accounts or whether we will reopen here in Carrasco, Uruguay. We are still in the middle of thinking this all over. The good news for us here is that olive oil is produced here! I don't think we have much access to the essential oils but we really haven't researched this yet. What I know for sure is that there is not available natural/ organic soap and skin care here anything remotely close to what we were making in Rochester, Michigan. I'm thankful I still have some of my personal collection of my" Glow" with me, I have no idea as to whether I can access Organic Shea Butter and the essential oils to order from this side of the planet...To be honest we have only been focused on our transition, our family and surviving this period of time. Its a lot of work to relocate. Even though Carlos is fluent in Spanish, he is rusty on reading Spanish and everything legal is written making life a challenge right now. Everything is paperwork in a major move and its all in Spanish.....
We are doing ok, its a beautiful, amazing, lovely, country. Their is a cazillion things we are stressed about daily and we have not completely figured everything out yet, we are trying our best to do things correctly during our relocation. I'm really happy Carlos is back in his home country as Uruguay has been in his heart since he left in 1973 and I am happy to spend this time of our marriage in his homeland instead of my native homeland. Our kids are lucky to have the best of both worlds. Carlos became a U.S citizen before we were married 40 years ago. He is so proud to have served in the United States Navy in the Middle East and Reserves (Panama) and will forever hold the United States as being the place he was truly offered the land of opportunity at that time and of course meeting his future wife! Now that I am living where he was born I get to experience his people and they are really awesome here although I really do feel like a foreigner so far. We are celebrating our 41st anniversary this December and we have been through so much just the same as many people who have experienced in a marriage: the good, the bad, the happy and the sad and we have moved forward no matter what. There is no perfect path in life but there a path to stay together and keep working together no matter what happens. This is the hardest part of every single marriage and if you can make it through the hardest times you will move it forward to the next adventure. Our kids are well and love it here!
I have been fortunate to have experienced his Uruguay food since about 1980 when I met his mom who happened to be an amazing cook and served our family the traditional food of Uruguay. This helps to make our transition feel like home as beef, cannelloni's, dulces de leches, etc. has been at my table in the US for years! My mother-in-law was an amazing cook to say the least.....I feel her presence here and that is most comforting. We absolutely had some mother/daughter recipe wars over the last 40 years! I miss her food now more than I can tell you.......I really wish she was here to see her son make it back to his homeland after 50 years....While years ago she was recipe competition, she now is my hero of recipes and I miss her food so much:(
Life changes every day and we have one choice as to make the best of each given day. I hope we have made a small imprint on your life as you really did make on ours since we opened Moon River. We were so lucky to get the opportunity to trade with you and build our life leading us to this day. I truly wish the best for each and every one of you, I say this with a tear in my eyes as I really miss Moon River and our Moon Friends. I'm sorry for not responding to the many emails, I was somewhat frozen regarding legal talk, etc. Please know that I hear you and miss everyone. I really miss you Larry and Rita and Terry our mail man/woman/UPS guy. We felt like family with you all. I have way too many Moon Friends to mention, the list is far too long and I can see your face and miss you.....Its funny how you think a simple day can be changed in the blink of and eye. We have locked you into our memories and have such calm, nice memories of our Moon River days.

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