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Premium Skin Care
Specialty Soaps, Balms and Scrubs

Moon River Premium Skin Care includes our specialty line of Glow, Tea Rose and Vita Rich balms, scrubs, emollients, and soaps. Formulated with the very best of what nature has to offer, our top shelf botanical oils include Olive Squalane, Frankincense, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip Seed Oil, Borage, Carrot Seed Oil and many more. Loaded with skin nourishing vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids we hope you will enjoy our top shelf formulations and notice a radiant healthy complexion.



Regarding gift messages,  we will be happy to include a gift card with your brief message. Please write in the comment box next to any product as you add the item to the cart. Please include only one message per gift recipient. There is no additional comment box after you check out. Gifts will include tissue paper wrap for shipped orders, or tissue flower gift bag for in store pick up orders. If you would like to pick up this order (2 hours lead time) you will still need to fill in the shipping address even though the order will not ship. Thank You!




Moon River soap, salts, balms, oils and scrubs are formulated and made downtown Rochester, Michigan. Every batch is hand poured and made daily. We are proud to use Non-GMO, organic and natural botanicals. Although Moon River can make no medicinal claims, many of our customers tell us they have improved their troubled skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Moon River Soap Company 339 East Street, Rochester Michigan

 email moonriversoap@gmail.com